During this retreat we aim to lead you on a journey of self-discovery and reflection; to open up your creativity and inner truth. Inspired by practises from around the world and throughout the ages, each day will be filled with activities such as: Qigong, forest bathing, gong baths and biodanza; meditation through extended breathing techniques, sound healing and writing; singing, dancing and cwtchy chats round the fire, plus organic vegetarian food, as tasty as it is cleansing, provided by our specially selected chef.


Who are we?

Kerry and Charlotte have been friends for many years, bonding through music, children and health and wellbeing. The development of Awen Retreats has grown from the joint vision of wanting to empower other women and share the joy and depth of creativity and healing and to explore the essence of being human and female.


Who is the retreat for?

The workshops are open to all women. Although there are elements within the workshops which use voice and movement and art, it’s not about becoming a fine artist, or great dancer or singer, it’s about finding what moves you through these creative processes, accessing your deeper levels and allowing you to express yourself without judgment.



“Knowing others is wisdom, knowing yourself is Enlightenment.” Lao Tzu

The philosophy behind our work is one which we take very seriously and in which we truly believe; bringing women back to the source of being a woman. What we mean is; in this busy world and in our working lives, raising children, caring for others, striving and working hard in a career or looking for the perfect job, we often can lose ourselves along the way. We may no longer recognise the person we once were or who we wanted to be, as we’ve come so far away from our true passion.


Organic Vegetarian

Our Chef Jonny loves cooking mouth-watering food for big groups to share. Healthy and nutritious, this vegetarian menu has a focus upon the quality and locality of produce, the process of preparation and cooking, and a deft and inventive approach to flavour combinations.